The Best Tips And Tricks To Get Weapon Master Achievement Easily

The Best Tips And Tricks To Get Weapon Master Achievement Easily

Weapon Master
• TYPE- Epic
• RARITY- Rare
• DURATION- Parmanent
• ELIGIBILITY- Plutonium V or More


πŸ”°STEP 1: Weapon Master is such a Title which is not common for all but also not a Difficult to achieve.
there is no limitations of solo/squad/duo. just need Platinum V or above tier in Classic match.

πŸ”°STEP 2: Here we will just Consider about the duo/squad only because in solo mode  some difficulty to gain this title. so, first of all reach Platinum V Tier in duo or squad and stop.

πŸ”°STEP 3:  You can Ask your friends to Help You to achieve this title. else you can play 1V2 or 1V4 matches to get this title.

πŸ”°STEP 4: If you are playing with Duo/squad With Your Friends Then Tell them to just spot the enemies and then you can go and kill them easily.
If you are playing in 1V2 or 1V4 then you will need to stay alert at all time.

πŸ”°STEP 5: Now in Order To Get The Weapon Master Title You Need To Kill 6 Enemies with 6 Different Ways Stated Bellow.

🎯Use any Assault Rifle to Kill an Enemy.
🎯Use any SMG to kill an Enemy.
🎯Use any Melee Weapon to kill an Enemy.
🎯Use any Throwable to kill an Enemy.
🎯Use any ShotGun To Kill an Enemy.
🎯Use a Vehicle to kill an Enemy.

πŸ”°STEP 6: First of all Land Anywhere you want and then First Look for a Grenade , Molotov cocktails and a Gas Can Alsong With a Four Wheeler Vehicle.

πŸ”°STEP 7: While Playing in Duo or Squad Basically When You Hit a Enemy They Will Knock out First. So, You Need To Knock out your Enemy First.

πŸ”°STEP 8: And When You Knock Out your Enemy with a Gun Then First Of all Kill Him with a Frag Grenade or a Molotov cocktails.

πŸ”°STEP 9: And Now it is Time To Kill Your Enemy Through Vehicle. so, First Knock Your Enemy With Anything and Kill Him With Vehicle.

πŸ”°STEP 10:  Use an Pan or a Shotgun, then a Sniper Rifle, then a SMG and Then a Assault Rifle To Kill Your Enemy.
If You Follow all The Methods to kill your Enemy you will get the Weapon Master Title After The Match.

πŸ“ŒNOTE-  Remember You Have To Kill Atleast 6 Enemies With 6 Different Methods to complete This Achievement.
And Kill All Enemies in Single Match Only.
And If you Knock a Enemy with SMG and Kill Him With a Melee Weapon Then The Kill By Melee Weapon will Registered as a Method not the SMG.

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